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Dinos racing their way through
the hearts of every gamer.

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game mode 1


Test your skills against other players with no tokens involved or
pick a map and set record times against yourself in ghost mode.

game mode 2


Put some tokens on the line and race against your friend. Winner takes all!

game mode 3

Novice League

Have fun with 8-player races and earn tokens for placing top 4 (1st place earns 3x the cost of entry).

game mode 4

Elite League

Achieve the Elite Level Rank and you are ready to compete in this league.
A higher entry fee is needed in this league but prices are 5 times larger than in the novice league.

game mode 5

Professional League

To participate you must achieve the Professional Level Rank.
This league is not for the weak of heart as players will be able to buy assets such as faster vehicles, weapons, shields,
and boosters to increase their competitive advantage.
You’ll have the opportunity to earn larger prizes, participate in tournaments and the World Championship.

Watch the

teaser video


Phase 1

Create a high-quality art NFT Collection to be used as in-game characters.
Develop DinoDash storyline.
Create gameplay trailer video.
Complete the Dino Dash Website.
Launch Promotional Campaign.

Phase 2

Complete and Publish the whitepaper.
Release DinoDash game demo.
Create $Alphack Token.

Phase 3

Release practice, 1 vs 1 and free league game modes.
Weapons and cosmetics will be added to give racers the ability to customize their characters and hover vehicles.
Conduct Beta testing for Elite and Professional mode.
Mint Dino Dash NFTs.

Phase 4

Release Elite and Professional game modes.
Release Mobile game with a Polygon Blockchain integration.
New maps with new track designs will be added.
Add global and clan leaderboards.

Phase 5

First World Championship.
Continue to improve anti-botting mechanisms.

Phase 6

We aren’t done yet! Multi-chain expansion and console adaption are next on our list. New in-game items, NFT upgrades, collaborative racetracks, competitive events and the creation of new characters are a few items we plan to bring you. Show us your skill and compete to win big in our world championships!


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