A meteor strikes. The dinosaurs are killed almost immediately, as fire envelopes the sky and the oceans acidify. However, their souls live on, seeping into the earth, and becoming absorbed by their surroundings. From the ground they re-emerge, with new bodies formed from metals, ores, gems and other resources. Some souls inhabit trees, others deposits of flawless diamond. Whatever the vessel, these dinosaurs have a second chance at life.

Nature Dino

He is old and wiser than the other Dinosaurs. He is humble, well aware that his body is constructed of mere stone and wood. He despises the ego of his fellow 1/1s, and takes on a role as the representative of the weaker and less fortunate Dinosaurs, such as those made of wood and earth.

Gemstone Dino

He is the bravest and proudest of the 1/1s, although these traits could be interpreted as aggression and ego. He considers himself the most superior of all the Dinosaurs, and he considers the gem Dinos to be the superior clan. He views the other clans to be weak, wretched and dirty.

Metal Dino

She is more reserved and is often silent. She speaks in short sentences and does her best to avoid the arguments that the other two often get into. Despite being the “silent observer”, it is implied that she knows things that the others don’t. All of the metallic Dino’s possess the ability to become liquid metal, which makes them superior in combat as they are agile.